【F/S VERY RARE NEAR MINT+++】Fujifilm Fuji Flash Fujica Zoom Date from Japan 1360


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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

We did not know about this camera until I got this camera.
About that precious camera arrived.

It is Flash Fujica Zoom Date.

We bet that you have never seen this camera.

Flash Fujica is a major camera you see popular.
However, as soon as it becomes Zoom, that situation changes completely.
First of all, you can not see it in the shop front.

We got this camera because various lucks overlapped and God delivered to us.

It is such a precious camera.

Also, in our opinion, I think the design of this camera is excellent.
If you see it from a distance, we feel like an atmosphere like GW 690 and I think it is very wonderful.

If you acquire this camera and GW 690, and you appreciate it side-by-side, you will have a very good time.

How about that?
If you miss this opportunity, it is a precious camera that you will never see again.
Please get, by all means.

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