They work for New Year holidays.


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We work at Tamron. #productsjapan #toy #figure #lens #tamron #kamenrider #maskedrider

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Japan is now New Year ‘s Day.
Everyone slowly has osechi dishes and is on vacation.

At such leisurely time, Kamen Rider works.
Even when there is no bad guy they are working on shift work.
But without a bad guy there is no work.
So they will work part-time.

That part-time job is a camera shop.
Kamen Rider loves cameras.
So they can have fun with this job even in New Year ‘s Day.

“What kind of person is this customer of the lens?”
“It must be a wonderful person”

Kamen Rider thought that a bad guy should not appear all the time.


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Tamron AF Lens https://www.ebay.com/itm/253975503280 #productsjapan #nowonsale #lens #tamron

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We sell Tamron lenses inspected with a Kamen Rider.
It is a lens that you can feel the heart of the Kamen Rider.
Please purchase it.

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