The nature of the soldier.


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The best place to sit. #productsjapan #toy #figure #lens #maskedrider #kamenrider #sit

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Do you want to do work to protect world peace?
If you answer “yes”, you may become a masked rider.
But, even if you heard this story, would you still want to be a masked rider?

There is no holiday in the masked rider.
Everyday, every day, he fights the bad guys.
Even when the bad guy does not exist, training is indispensable.
In other words, there are no holidays.

Now, masked Rider has a short rest.
Only at such times, the heart of the masked rider has a rest.

It is serious.
Still, want to do work to protect the world?
To “yes” and you who answer, we want you to keep world peace.


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Sigma Apo for Canon #productsjapan #nowonsale #sigma #lens #apo #canon #efmount

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We sell the lens that Kamen Rider took a rest.
It is a nice lens that heals the warrior’s fatigue.
Please purchase by all means.

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