Looking for a warm place.


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It’s too small for a kennel. #productsjapan #figure #camera #voigtlander #bessar #dog #kennel

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There was a stray dog in a city.
The season is winter.
It is very cold.

The dog was looking for a warm place.

“Is there a nice place somewhere?”

He points his neck to the right, to the left and checks the various places in the city.
At that time, he found a place that looks nice.

“Let’s go over there”

The dog ran.
He ran towards the hole I found.
But it came to see his eyes disappointed.

Because the hole was too small.


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Voightlander BESSA R https://www.ebay.com/itm/153334771503 #productsjapan #nowonsale #voigtlander #bessar #camera #rangefinder

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Although it is small in the kennel, we sell Voightlander BESSA-R just right size as a camera.
Please get it by all means.

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