In the forest.


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He found a big mushroom. #productsjapan #camera #kamenrider #maskedrider #konica #figure

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Kamen Rider was walking in the forest while hungry.

“Is not there anything to eat?”

His head is full of food.
Apple, oranges, peaches, chestnuts ….
Here is in the forest.
Even if fruit becomes wherever it is not strange.
Kamen Rider expects that, looking to the right, looking at the left.

It is such a time.
He finally found it.
It is food.
That is a big mushroom.


So, Kamen Rider tried to harvest that mushroom.
However, it stopped.
Because what I thought Kamen Rider was mushroom was the lens of the camera.

He is hungry, he made a mistake.
You who is tender who read this story.
Please give food to Kamen Rider.


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Konica I https://www.ebay.com/itm/153356814786 #productsjapan #nowonsale #konica #konicai #rangefinder #camera

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We sell cameras that Masked Rider mistook for mushrooms.
Of course you can not eat it.
Konica I is a rare camera, so please come to the eBay page.

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