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Shutter button with uncomfortable feeling. #productsjapan #toy #figure #camera #pokemon #maskedrider #kamenrider

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Please imagine.
Inside box, put a hand in that box and check inside.
What if the feeling of what is in it is soft?
Do not you think that it is a living thing?
It is a bit scary.

Masked Rider is feeling the same now.
When he tried to push the shutter of the camera, there was something on the shutter button.
And he pushed it.
Masked Rider does not think that he is bad that he did not check properly.
No, he could not think.

He was surprised at some kind of softness and had no time for it.

It is a little Pokemon that is stronger than Masked Rider.
It is funny to be stronger than Masked Rider though Pokemon is so pretty.


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