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It heard a scream and a tremendous sound.
It was a disproportionate sound in a quiet city in the middle of the night.

But no one is there.

The identity of the sound was a traffic accident.
The motorcycle hit someone.
But, there is no one around them.

Outright, the motorcycle ran away from that place.
Iron Man is fell down on the spot.
Well forever.

Only one camera was watching the situation.
The camera only looked at it.
It can not help Iron Man.
All it can do is to shoot the culprit’s face.

But Iron Man did not need a picture.
Because Iron Man got up in a few seconds and hit the criminal by himself.

The camera got a slightly more complicated feeling.


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Konica IIB-m https://www.ebay.com/itm/153388755916 #productsjapan #nowonsale #rangefinder #camera #konica #iibm #rare

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Do you want a camera that witnessed a traffic accident?
This camera, Konica IIB – m is a precious camera.
Please take a look at the eBay page.

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