Let’s play music.


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Let’s not make Schneider Symmar percussion. #productsjapan #lens #percussion #schneider #symmar #kamenrider #maskedrider

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He loves to dance.
And he also love music.
So, it is his daily life to dance and sing something.

His important percussion was broken.
But his mom will not buy new percussion.
So, he secretly went to his dad’s room.

It is like a percussion he found there.
It was a lens of Schneider.
He thought.
“Because the shapes are similar, there must be a good sound”
He just thought so.

And when he tried to beat that lens, his mother’s voice was heard.
It is a terrible angry voice.

“Hey! Do not beat the lens!”


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Schneider Symmar https://www.ebay.com/itm/153391621776 #productsjapan #nowonsale #lens #largeformat #schneider #symmar

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We sell the lenses of Schneider cheaply.
Although it can not be used for percussion, it can be used as a lens.
Please take a look at our eBay page.

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