The sun is small like a jewel.


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A person who is opening a floodgate. #productsjapan #camera #foldingcamera #konica #pearlii #floodgate #kamenrider #maskedrider

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The meltwater has increased.
It announces the arrival of spring and makes me feel very good.
Butterflies can also be seen on the side of the field.

However, his work is very busy in the spring.
That is because he has to manage the flood gate.
He must prevent the river from overflowing with water.
Also, he must manage so that crops in the field will not be flooded.

So, everyday, he will adjust the state of the river and field.

“It feels good today as well”

He looked happy and smiled.
The sun was reflected in the sweat on the forehead.
The little sun has been illuminating his smile forever.


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Konica Pearl II https://www.ebay.com/itm/153396272636 #productsjapan #nowonsale #foldingcamera #konica #pearlii

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We had Konica Pearl II play the water gate.
It is very nice Konica Pearl II.
By all means, please purchase.

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