The reason why I am happy today.


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A visit to a grave. #productsjapan #comingsoon #foldingcamera #mamiya #mamiyasix #grave

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The weather is very good today.
She remembers her grandma on such a day.
So she got ready to go out.

Walking along the pleasant avenue, she looks up at the sky.
And she thinks.
To her grandmother’s thing.

It was a grave that she arrived.
Clean the grave and decorate the flowers.
Then she talked to her grandma.

“Grandma, I am happy again today”

Then she felt a voice from somewhere.
It is a kind voice.

Surely the grandmother from heaven talked to her.


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Mamiya 6 Model P https://www.ebay.com/itm/153414250763 #productsjapan #nowonsale #foldingcamera #springcamera #camera #rangefinder #mamiya #mamiyasix

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We sell Mamiya Six Model P, a wonderful camera for which she dedicated her prayers.
It is a very good camera.
Please check it by all means.

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