He should be able to fly in the sky.


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Climb the Tower of Babel. #productsjapan #toy #lens #apo #tower #babel #ironman

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“Why climb a mountain? It is because there is a mountain”
The word was floating in his head.

Now he is climbing on the tower.
Why is he climbing?
That is because there is a tower there.
He thought so.

Endless high tower.
Very tall tower.
He can forget everything while you are climbing the tower.
He is feeling good during he is climbing.

So he forgot something very important.
That’s really important.
He can fly in the sky.
Because he is Iron Man.


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Sigma APO for Minolta https://www.ebay.com/itm/153444278224 #productsjapan #nowonsale #lens #sigma #apo #minolta

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What he thought was a tall tower is actually a lens.
The lens, Sigma APO 500mm f / 4.5 AF Lens for Minolta is on sale.
Please check it.

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