Happy new year.




Spider Man’s head is like sunrise. (He is asking for help. Give him help soon!) #productsjapan #happynewyear #spiderman #minolta #sunrise

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In Japan, it is customary to watch the sunrise on New Year’s Day.
We call it the “Hatsu Hinode”
“Hatsu Hinode” is very beautiful.
But this “Hatsu Hinode” is …

There was a terrible noise.
When I went there, the camera was broken.
And I can hear someone’s voice.


Under the camera, Spiderman was falling.
The head is slightly out, and it looks like “Hatsu Hinode”.


I ignored the voice and took a picture.
We are very lucky to see “Hatsu Hinode” twice from New Year’s Day.
And you are very lucky to see this photo too.

Please enjoy Products Japan this year.

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