Kiss the princess. (Contax TVS was used as the item.)




Kiss the sleeping princess. #productsjapan #contax #tvs #pointandshoot #powerrangers #princess

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He was walking in the woods.
It is a very deep forest.
It should be sunny, but when you look up, he can only see the branches and leaves of the tree.

“When will we be able to leave this forest …”

He came to the forest with his friends and he was separated from his friends.
He seemed to have come to the back of the forest while walking in the woods to find a friend.

“Is anyone there?”

He spoke to the deep forest.
Of course, there is no reply.

“Well, anyone?”

After all, there is no reply.

“Oh, what should I do …”

It was when he was discouraged.
The light was visible in the back of the forest.

“That is!”

There was a princess sleeping in the light.

“Ah, can you hear me?”

He spoke to the princess.
However, the princess does not reply, probably because of deep sleep.

“Maybe this is …”

Floating in his head was the story of “Sleeping Princess”.
That’s right.
When he kisses the princess, the princess wakes up.
He thought that way.

“Is it a chance?!”

He tried to kiss the princess.
At that time, he heard someone’s voice and stopped kissing.

“What a lewd guy trying to kiss a sleeping girl.”

It was a friend’s voice.
A lost friend was there.

“Oh, this is …”

He was able to join his friends again.
With a very embarrassing experience.