The moment of birth. (Nikon Field Scope ED 78 Scope, Eyepieces 30x WF was used as the item.)




A person who is about to fall from a banana boat. #productsjapan #bananaboat #fieldscope #kamenrider #maskedrider #nikon

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The southern island is fun.
Whatever you do, it’s really fun.
Explore the jungle, eat delicious fruits, and scuba dive.
Among them, banana boats are exceptional.

So they came to the banana boat landing place.

“We want to ride a banana boat with three adults.”

So, they said.

“OK. Get on right away!”

Sunburned staff put them on a banana boat.
As soon as you get on, a banana boat runs at tremendous speed.
More and more, they go offshore.
At a great speed, they are smiling.

However, the waves got higher offshore …


The last man fell into the sea.
But nobody notices that …

Banana boats are fun.
But a person who doesn’t think so was born today.