The real warrior is …


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Wake up, our warrior. #productsjapan #toy #figure #powerrangers #gokaiger #maskedrider #kamenrider #kaiju

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The villagers prayed.
They prayed hard.
The reason is to ask the sleeping warrior for help.

“Warrior, please wake up.”
“Please save us”

They pray for days and days.
But warrior does not wake up.

“Please help us”
“Please, warriors!”

The result is the same.
He do not wake up.
That is also natural.

Because it is a toy that what villagers thought as a warrior.
It’s a warrior’s toy.
He can not wake up.

And we know.
You are reading this story and we know that you are a real warrior.
Well, help the villagers.


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Bandai Gokaiger Red Figure https://www.ebay.com/itm/254173398513 #productsjapan #nowonsale #figure #unused #gokaiger #powerrangers

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We sell cool hero figures.
It’s from the Power Ranger series.
Please purchase it.

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