Space travel.


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Observing the Earthling. #productsjapan #camera #figure #ultraman #alienbaltan #mamiya #mamiya645pro

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This moment is also seen now.
You are being observed by aliens.

Even when eating.
Even when I’m out.
Even when sleeping.
Even when going to the bathroom, it is being observed.

Aliens are observing Earthlings.
Why is that?

They are looking for.
Earth people who will be their true friends.

What about you?
Do you want to be friends with aliens?
If you become a friend, you will be put on UFO.
And you will be able to travel the shining stars.


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Mamiya 645 Pro https://www.ebay.com/itm/153426027736 #productsjapan #nowonsale #mamiya #midiumformat #camera #645pro

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We sell Mamiya 645 Pro, which is also used by aliens.
It is a wonderful camera that aliens also trust.
Please purchase it.

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