We are popular.




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Nobody spoke to them even when they went to the classroom.
So they just had to sit down and shut up.

They are their appearance a little while ago.

Still, they always thought.

We became popular.
We became popular.
We became popular.

That’s right.
They always imagined that they were already popular.

One day.
There was a dance in a physical education class.
They dance together as they always played, and their classmates cheered.

The position changed completely from there.

Calls to ignore them, the classmates who bullied them no longer come to school.
Conversely, as they enter the classroom, many classmates surround them.

Indeed, they have become popular.

That’s right.
If you think so, it will always be.




Fujifilm Klasse https://www.ebay.com/itm/153506446509 #productsjapan #nowonsale #fujifilm #fuji #klasse #pointandshoot

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A popular camera, that is Fujifilm KLASSE.
It is a very cool camera suitable for popular people.
Please make this yours!

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