The excuse is not good.




Close the door when it opened! #productsjapan #comingsoon #funny #door #camera #canon #autoboy #spiderman

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Spider-Man tried to go out to play.
That time, his mother says.

“What, what?”

Suddenly his mother angry, Spider-Man is surprised.

“It is not what. Close when you opened the door!”
“Because I was in a hurry …”
“Not because you are in a hurry!”

My mother’s long preaching began from there.
Don’t make excuses, if Spider-Man closed the door properly, he immediately went out to play.

Make no excuses.
Spider-Man learned that it was the key to getting things going well.




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Please close the door properly.
Once the Canon AutoBoy 2 insert film, close it properly.
We understand that you do not make such a mistake, but tell just to make sure.
Please click the link below to the eBay page.

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