Are you dad? (Canon EF 300mm f/4 L IS USM was used as the item. was used as the item.)




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Sheep thought.

“What kind of sheep is my dad?”
“What kind of sheep is my mother?”

There is a reason sheep thought so.
Sheep do not know the face of their father or their mother.
Immediately after being born, he was brought to this ranch.
So he doesn’t know their face.

Sometimes he heard from his friend’s sheep about a friend’s father and mother.
But he doesn’t have a father or a mother, so he can’t imagine what it is.
So sheep were always sad.

One day sheep went for a walk.
He was sad, as usual, and wanted to change his mind.

“I want to see my dad …”

That is the time.
He saw something similar in color to himself.
It is a bigger body than a sheep.
So sheep heard.

“Are you my dad?”
“Tell me. Are you a dad?”

There is no reply.
That is natural.
The colors are similar, but the sheep spoke to the camera lens.

The sheep returned home, becoming more and more lonely.
And learned.
Even if the colors are similar, it is not always the father.
He learned such a sad reality.