I want to be Santa Claus. (Mamiya Sekor C 360mm f/6.3 was used as the item.)




He wants to be a Santa Claus and practices climbing the chimney. #productsjapan #nowonsale #mamiya #sekor #kamenrider #maskedrider #santaclaus #chimney

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One night he was looking for a job on the Internet.

“Are there any good jobs?”

Today, fighting with his boss, he wanted to do another job.
However, he can hardly find a good job.

“Hmm, there’s no good job.”

It was time to give up.

“This is it!”

He shouted.
That job is Santa Claus.
He found a job for Santa Claus.
He was obsessed with work that was almost holiday except for Christmas.

“I really want to be Santa Claus!”

However, there was only one problem.
What is the problem?

“Climb up of the chimney”

However, he cannot climb high places because of high place phobia.
Still, he has no choice but to want to be Santa Claus.
So he started practicing climbing the chimney that day.

Every day, every day.

Surely he will send you a present this year Christmas.